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Join my Email List to Receive a Free Health and Fitness Tips eBook

Receive a Free Health and Fitness Tips eBook

I wrote a health and fitness tips eBook last year – it’s a compilation of 101 tips that you can apply to your life right now.

The tips are actionable, easy to understand and have a short explanation as to why they are a good idea. None of these obscure, impossible to follow-through on nuggets of ‘advice’ that gurus who don’t live in the real world dish out. Real life advice that I pass on to my personal training clients and worldwide readers.

The eBook is totally free. You can download it by joining my email list. You can even click on the pretty little cover of it below…

free health and fitness ebook, Health and Fitness Tips eBook

More than just giving out usable health and fitness tips, the book contains short explanations about why they are beneficial. You’ll not only learn how to do things, but more importantly, why you should do them.

So why should I join the email list?

I share a weekly(ish) newsletter email with a different theme each week. Some weeks it’ll be about strength training. Other weeks I may talk about nutrition and on others, I may write about cardio training. I share discount codes, upcoming events news and giveaways.

The emails are always informative – nobody likes to read boring emails and I don’t like to write them!

Discounts and Giveaways

Having an audience means I benefit from brands offering me discount codes to pass on to my readers. You’ll benefit from money off products and services, plus be the first to know about new offers coming to the market.

Last year I was provided with discount codes that totalled over £1000 ($1600) in potential savings.

Companies are often after people to try their products and give them feedback. I am offered products every week, but have to turn most of them away because I can’t review them all. With your help, I’ll be able to as I can pass them on to you guys to sample!

Finally, I don’t spam. Your details will NEVER be sold to a marketing company, nor will any offer that isn’t relevant to health and fitness be passed your way.

My email address is in the public domain, which means I receive spam email by the bucket load. I don’t want to contribute to that, so you have my word…

Health and Fitness Tips eBook

Back to that eBook again…

Far too often we are given tips and ideas, but they never make it part of our daily routines, but if you consider the law of marginal gains, you’ll see that a number of small changes can add up to dramatic improvements over time.

Think of these seemingly ‘small’ changes but look at the potential effects…

  • An extra half our of sleep can be the difference between feeling tired and feeling refreshed.
  • Dropping 300 calories at lunch may be all it takes to help you lose over 20lbs in 6 months without any other changes.
  • Using a heart rate monitor during your training can let you know your actual state of fatigue, allowing you to do more than you thought. Data beats opinion.
  • Spending 30 minutes walking every day may be all it takes to clear your head and relieve life-wrecking stress.
  • A daily stretch could be all the injury-prevention you need, saving you from future pain.

These tips are so simple and really easy to include in your daily life, but often we overlook the simple things and assume that for changes to be effective, they have to be sweeping.

Not so.

A bit like the Archimedes lever, a small effort in the right direction can make a big difference.

The Health and Fitness Tips eBook is full of potentially life-changing advice, all you need to do is apply it and the see the changes for yourself. Forget about wholesale life changes – a lot of the advice contained within the eBook is so simple to apply you’ll do it effortlessly.

Click the imagine below, sign up to my email list and receive the health and fitness tips ebook absolutely free for charge!

free health and fitness ebook, Health and Fitness Tips eBook

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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