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HIIT Session at Home: 13th Jan 2016

HIIT Session at Home

I was tired today – so much so I fell asleep on the sofa at 6.30pm for half an hour! Lacking motivation and short on time, Rachel and I did a HIIT session at home. It’s an ideal training approach when you are short on time but want to get a workout done.

HIIT session at home

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you would have seen my 2016 fitness goals post. One of the goals is a 150 kettlebell snatches with a 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes.

I tried it on the 4th of Jan and managed 116. Today was better – despite being tired I hit 124, so an improvement of 8 so far. I’m happy with that. I’ve been doing some overhead work recently, plus the purchase of my wrist wraps means I’m getting much less wrist pain, which is helping with the extra volume of training I’m doing.

The HIIT session at home went like this…

  • 10 minutes non-stop kettlebell snatches
  • 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of plyometric lunges.
  • 30 seconds plank, 30 seconds push ups.

That was it. The whole HIIT session took 20 minutes including rest periods, meaning it was quick and effective. I was supposed to do more Olympic lifting today, but I had some physiotherapy yesterday on my thoracic spine and it’s pretty sore, so I’m doing that tomorrow instead!

Have you done a HIIT session at home? It’s an ideal home workout – you can do it with bodyweight exercises, as I did in this workout video from last year. This too was a HIIT session at home…

I’ll be sharing a few more HIIT workouts with you in the coming weeks – it’s a major part of my training!

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