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Fat Burning Workout Finishers

Fat Burning Workout Finishers – Burn More Calories in Less Time.

There are a few simple rules when it comes to training for fat loss – train hard, use plenty of volume and keep the intensity up as long as you can. These fat burning workout finishers do just that!

burpees, fat burning workout finishers

The benefit of fat burning workout finishers is simple – they burn a lot of calories quickly, simply and with a lot of movement variety.

Here’s a list of 5 simple fat burning workout finishers that you can add into your fat loss training today! (By the way, I’d suggest you only do one per workout – these are here to help you, not destroy you!)…

Single Leg Burpees

When it comes to his intensity exercises, the burpee is up there with the best of them. On it’s own, a burpee is pretty tough – advance it to a single leg burpee and you can turn it into an one of the best fat burning workout finishers.

You need no kit, making it a versatile exercise. You need little in the way of technique coaching, meaning the barrier to entry is pretty low. The only thing you really need is a decent level of conditioning and the single leg strength to perform the single leg burpee effectively.

Be warned though – this is a much tougher version of a standard burpee, so don’t be disheartened if you struggle at first. I’ve included it in this list of fat burning workout finishers for a reason!

Push Up into Kettlebell Swings

Readers of the blog know I love simplicity in exercise. Sometimes a simple exercise done correctly is all you need. Don’t overlook the basics.

One of the fat burning workout finishers I use often is a kettlebell swing into push up complex. The reasons are simple – they are movements that require little in the way of technical skill, meaning you can do them even when you are fatigued. They are also whole-body when combined, so are an effective calorie burner.

Prowler Pushes

Following on with the simple theme, I can think of few better fat burning workout finishers than a simple prowler push.

Load up a prowler with a weight, push it by sprinting as fast as you can. Keep doing until you can’t any more. Simple movement, brutally effective.

With a prowler you have to judge your loading right, taking into account the surface you are pushing against. I typically use a prowler on astroturf, which has a little natural resistance. For this reason, you have to scale the weights down slightly. On concrete, there is less friction which means you can add extra weight.

A prowler push is a really humbling exercise – if you’re not used to it, be prepared to suffer. I have seen prowler pushes wipe out even really fit people!

Floor Taps into Jumping Pull Up

I like this combination of exercises because the floor taps are like a ‘quality control’ measure. By ensuring you touch the floor you are meaning that at best you are performing a squat, at worst you are still having to flex at the hips.

The jumping element adds a little plyometric and explosive element to the exercise, again adding difficulty and increasing energy expenditure.

The upper/lower element to this exercise, the explosive nature and the compound exercises you are using stimulates a lot of muscle mass, burning a lot of calories and raising your heart rate pretty quickly. All these factors combined make this a pretty fantastic fat burning workout finisher.

Tyre Flips

I like tyre flips as a fat burning workout finisher because they are simple enough to do but use so much muscle mass. They mimic a deadlift and can be used as a basis for all kinds of other exercises.

Of course you need a big tyre – do it with a tyre that’s too light and it’s pointless. If you don’t have a large tyre, don’t worry. Call up your local tyre yard and ask them for the biggest one they have – chances are you’ll get it for free.

I’ve had dozens of large tyre over the years and have never paid for a single one. Tyre yards have to pay to scrap them so are more than happy to give them away – in most cases they’ll even deliver them. Slip the driver a tip and you’ve got yourself a great bit of workout kit for next to nothing!

If you have a lot of room to do the tyre flips, great. If you haven’t, don’t worry – you can just flip it once, run around the other side and flip it back to the start position, then repeat. In the video I had the luxury of space so I flipped it and travelled with it, but it’s just as effective if you stay in one spot.

So here you have a list of a few fat burning workout finishers. They are a great way of adding extra intensity and calorie burn at the end of a session.

Fat burning workout finisher tips

  • Keep the movements simple.

If you make the movements too complex, you won’t be able to complete many of them with good form, meaning you’ll be missing the point.

You need to put fat burning workout finishers in at the end of the session, so there’s a good chance energy levels and co-oridnation will be reduced, potentially raising injury risk. By keeping movements simple you’ll help reduce the risk.

  • Use as little kit as possible.

With a workout finisher, the key is intensity. If you have to switch between too many pieces of kit, or you have to set up multiple exercises, you risk reducing the intensity of the work.

With fewer bits of kit you can get on with the job in hand – working hard and burning fat!

  • Only do one fat burning workout finisher per session.

These are tough – they are also effective. For these reasons the sadists amongst us will be tempted to do a whole workout of just these kind of complexes and movements. That’s not a good idea for a couple of reasons…

  1. The volume would be massive. Imagine doing a whole hour of these kinds of exercises? That’s tough – it’d be difficult to recover in time for another session.
  2. The load on the body would be too much. The important thing with exercise is consistency. Train too hard you take a long time to recover, meaning you miss sessions or the sessions you do have lack quality because you aren’t recovered.
  • Use a heart rate monitor.

I use heart rate monitors with a few of my personal training clients as well as in my own training. This has the effect of keeping me aware of the actual level of effort and intensity, rather than a reported one.

Think of the heart rate monitor as a quality control measure for the workout. Invest in a heart rate monitor and you’ll transform the quality of your workouts.

Here’s the one I’ve recently bought. I love it – there’ll be a few posts coming up about it when I’ve used it a little more. Importantly, if you buy this make sure you buy the one with the heart rate monitor strap (the H7 is the best one), otherwise you’ll have to shell out an extra £44/$60 for it…

If you are in training for fat loss or you simple want to improve your level of conditioning, add a few of these fat burning workout finishers into your training week and you’ll see the results pretty quickly!

If you like these kinds of exercises, complexes and fat burning workout finishers, check out my book, ‘The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book’. It contains 52 high intensity interval training workouts designed to burn fat and improve your fitness, fast.

It costs less than the price of a sandwich, has been used by hundreds of people and are some of the exact workouts I use with my personal training clients.

The Ultimate HIIT Workout Book, the ultimate hiit workout guide, weekends making you fat

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  1. Thanks Hoyles for the article. impressed with the topic and matter included into it. Most of the people are running after slimming supplements and other stuffs. But they ignore workouts for burning fats.

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