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Arm Blaster Workout for Beginners

Arm Blaster Workout for Beginners

There are plenty of sources online to find the next dynamic workout that will have you fit in no time. However, not all of them are tailored to work for the average person. Instead, you often find workout routines for bodybuilders or people who are already rather athletic and in shape.

If you are just starting to workout, though, you might not be interested in or able to keep up with the intensity of these workouts. In addition, for most people, a simple workout plan and an effective diet that offers them the most effective nutrients is plenty to allow for a healthy lifestyle.

You can also take nootropics, to help boost focus during your workouts. What are nootropics, you may be wondering? Click the link to find out.

To help you out, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most effective arm blaster workouts for beginners. With these, you will be able to work your way to the health and physique you want easily. A reminder – if you want to see the best results and avoid energy, be sure to warm-up before you start. For faster results, explore the best nootropics and SARMs for gaining muscle mass. These are beneficial for everyone who wants to improve their performance and recovery time.

arm workout

Bicep Workouts

Most of the time, a single exercise won’t target your whole arm. So, we will be looking at some exercises for each section of your arm which you can useto build a full, arm blaster workout.

To get started, we will take a look at some exercises to work out your biceps. There are two sections to your biceps – your biceps brachii and your brachialis. The biceps brachii makes up the front of your upper arm right between your elbow and your shoulder. The brachialis connects your bicep to your forearm. Both sections of the biceps are used primarily when you bend your elbow or curl your arm toward you.

Bicep Curls

If you have a set of weights lying around your house or you are at the gym, bicep curls are one of the easiest options to keep your biceps in shape. For this exercise, you simply hold a weight in each hand and curl the weights toward your shoulder by bending at the elbow. You can do both arms at the same time or you can alternate.

When you start this exercise, don’t overdo it. Start with a low weight and low rep counts (10-12 is usually a good starting point). As you gain strength, you can adjust the weight and reps but too much at once can lead to injury.

A couple things to remember with this and other exercises on this list is to remain proper posture – a straight back with shoulders back. Otherwise, you risk injury by “leaning into” the exercise, ruining your support system.


Your triceps make up the back portion of your upper arm between the elbow and shoulder. Almost exactly opposite your biceps, your triceps are utilized when you move in an action such as extending your elbow.

build bigger arms, hybrid training

Bench Dip

Probably the easiest way to work out your triceps is to do a bench dip because it doesn’t require any equipment. It gets its name from the fact that you can use a bench to do it but, honestly, a chair or low-sitting sturdy table will work just as well.

To get started, you will want to face away from the bench and place your palms on the surface. From there, walk your legs out until only your heels are on the floor with your toes pointing upward.

From here, you will want to use your triceps to lift your torso. Once again, you will want to start with low reps and work your way up. As for posture, you will want to make sure to keep your elbows at 90 degrees, don’t flare them out.

Once you get stronger, you can make modifications to make this exercise more challenging. For example, you can cross your heels over one another or put them on a second bench, making your heels level with your hips.

carbs, arm workout


Finally, now that we’ve covered your upper arms, let’s take a look at what you can do to workout your forearms. Your forearm is characterized as the part of your arm between your elbow and your wrist.

It can be broken down into the pronator teres – the underside of your forearm – and the brachioradialis – to outer and top part of your forearm.

Wrist Curl and Reverse Wrist Curl

To work out both portions of your forearms, you can use wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. For a wrist curl, you hold a barbell in your hands while in a sitting position – your forearms should rest on your thighs. Grip the barbell with your palms facing upward and curl the barbell toward your body using only your wrists.

For a reverse wrist curl, you should follow the same steps but turn your wrists so your palms face the floor. Then, curl the barbell toward your legs.

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