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Top Ways To Make Your Workouts More Effective And Burn More Fat

Have you had no significant weight loss despite working out regularly? You put in the time and effort, but you can’t see any result. No matter what you think, slaving in the gym is not the solution. 

Evaluating your workout routine is a good way to start. Burning more fat could just be a matter of making a few changes. And if you’re wondering what to do, you’re at the right place. Here are the top ways to make your workouts more effective and burn more fat. 

Increase the intensity

One way to boost the effectiveness of your workout and burn more fat is by increasing the intensity of your workout. If you work out regularly using the same routine over an extended period, your body will most likely get used to it. 

Repeating the same actions may not provide the desired result. Your workout will be more effective when you increase the intensity of your workout. There are several ways to increase the intensity of your workout.

You can incorporate resistance bands and weights while working out. Start with smaller weights and progressively lift heavier. Increase the speed on the treadmill if you’re using one. You can start with a light jog and work your way towards a sprint. These will make your workouts more effective and burn fat faster.

Incorporate strength training

Cardio is good for weight loss. But if you want to make your workouts more effective and burn more fat, you should consider incorporating strength training into your workout routine. Also called resistance training, strength training is excellent for fat loss because it targets muscle growth.

When you build muscles, you burn fat. Don’t be scared of bulking up. Strength training will help you define your muscles in a way cardio won’t. So go ahead and use dumbbells, kettlebells, ankle weights, resistance bands, etc. You can also use your body weight for resistance training. These will make your workout more effective.

Use a chest pack

Another way to make your workouts more effective and burn fat is to use a chest pack. You may be wondering what a chest pack has to do with making the workout more effective for fat loss. Well, apart from being an ideal and handy companion for working out, it could also serve as weight resistance.

A chest pack comes in handy when you don’t want to pack heavy to go to the gym. It allows you to have your essentials with you, such as your keys, phone, money, jump rope, and sometimes, even a water bottle while working out. Your movements won’t be restricted as the chest pack allows optimal weight distribution. 

The good thing about the chest pack is that, while being functional, it can also be a form of weight resistance. Even though your essentials may not weigh so much, they still hold some weight. You could use this as resistance to increase the intensity of your workout. This makes the chest pack a crafty utility tool that’s not just functional but practical.


If you want to make your workouts more effective and burn more fat, you should try a HIIT workout. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is not a traditional way of working out. It involves alternating short bursts of intense exercise with low-intensity movement or recovery. Doing a HIIT workout is perfect, especially if you don’t have the time to work out or you don’t like working out. They are typically completed within 10–30 minutes. And you burn calories faster and better. How?

HIIT increases your metabolic rate for hours after exercise. So, even after exercising, you’re still burning calories. It also aids in gaining muscle, which helps burn fat. HIIT has so many other numerous benefits, but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Remember to get adequate rest and let your body recover.

Go for a walk

We know HIIT improves your metabolism throughout the day. And if you want to tap into the goodness of HIIT, avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Do not think that because you’ve already worked out, you don’t need to move anymore. That’s not good.

Don’t just sit in one position all day. Go for a walk. Take the stairs. Move around during a phone call. Just move. Walking is an excellent low-intensity exercise with a lot of health benefits. It helps tap into fat stores and triglycerides to convert fat into energy. So walk. It is a good way to benefit from HIIT or any other workout to effectively burn more fat.

There you have it. There is no magic way to burn fat. But making little changes to your workout can effectively boost fat loss. The tips above will help make your workouts more effective and burn more fat. Incorporate them into your workout routine and watch as your body turns into a fat-burning machine. 

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