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8 Simple Health and Fat Loss Tips

8 Simple Health and Fat Loss Tips

When making an effort to improve their health, many people feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of health and fitness information out there – much of it is even contradictory! This article has a short list of simple health and fat loss tips to get you going.

1. Ride your bike to places.

Nipping to the shop? Ride your bike. Traffic a nightmare in the morning? Ride your bike to work. Nothing to do? Ride your bike. Errands to run? Do them on your bike.

This ‘accidental’ calorie burning will get rid of a few thousand calories over the course of a few weeks.

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2. Drink 3 litres of water every day.

This isn’t difficult. Get a bottle. Fill it with water. Drink said water. Repeat throughout the day until you have hit your 3 litres. Make a note – mental or literal, charting how you feel and look. My guess is after a few days you will look and feel better.

3. Eat breakfast – preferably high protein.

Bacon and eggs, an omelette, steak and vegetables, natural yoghurt, kippers. Anything like that would be great – filling and ideal brain food.

If you can’t face cooking or eating in the morning, throw a handful of kale, spinach, a carrot, some berries, half a cup of water and an apple into a blender, whizz up and drink it. Loads of fibre, vitamins and minerals and no cooking or eating involved!

4. Eat five portions of VEGETABLES every day.

Notice I said vegetables – NOT fruit and vegetables. Fruit is high in sugar whilst vegetables have more fibre, more vitamins and fewer calories. Plus, five portions of vegetables means less room on the plate for higher fat, higher calorie items.

simple health and fat loss tips

5. Love ice cream? Use an ice cream cone instead of a bowl.

A small cone will take one scoop of ice cream. A bowl will take over 5. Remove the temptation to have more ice cream by eating it off a cone – you still get a sweet treat and satisfy a craving, without the obesity and diabetes double-header!

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out 1 scoop of ice cream and a cone is a lot lower in calories than a 5 scoop bowl.

6. Watching TV? Perform an ad break workout.

An hour long show has an average of 4 breaks of 3-3.5 minutes. In each break, select an exercise and do as many reps as you can. Try press ups in one break, jump squats in the second, the plank in the third and finish off with the big one – burpees!

It’ll burn a load of calories and won’t interrupt your TV viewing!

7. Get to bed before 10.30.

Sleep is the single biggest restorer there is. Without adequate sleep everything else goes to pot – your ability to recover, focus, process information, make decisions, replenish  hormones and neurotransmitters.

It only takes a few days of poor sleep for your health and mental clarity to be severely affected, so get plenty of good quality sleep.

8. Look after your teeth!

It’s really important to look after your oral health as much as anything else. With gum disease and heart disease being linked, the evidence is showing oral health is more than vanity – it’s vital.

Trust professionals such as Mount Airy Dentist to look after you and you’ll make the job so much easier!

There you go – simple health and fat loss tips that you can add into your daily routine immediately. No need to make any other changes just yet!

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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