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Life Time Fitness Locations In Franklin TN

The pandemic had a serious effect on gyms and fitness centers and their ability to operate. Enforced lockdowns meant that gyms were closed, and fitness fans had to find other ways to exercise.

In 2019, adults in the states spent an average of $270 on fitness and health a month. In 2020, this rose to $286 despite the restrictions imposed by Covid. Gyms and fitness centers are now operating as normal, and attendance is back to pre-pandemic levels and growing. The fitness industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.21% until 2027.

The states are home to 41,370 gyms and fitness centers, and in 1992, Life Time Fitness joined a rapidly growing industry. In 2019, about 25% of Americans used their local gym, and Life Time Fitness is attracting many new members as they open new clubs across the states. Franklin, Tennesse, is one of the many places where Life Time Fitness has set up operations.

How big is Life Time Fitness?

Although Life Time Fitness has been operating for 30 years now, it is not so well known outside the US or Canada yet. But, within the US it is viewed as a premium fitness center that offers value to its members beyond the physical gym equipment.

In October of 2021, Life Time Fitness went public and had previously predicted a $4.2 billion valuation. Its approach to long-term fitness and health has seen it attract a growing membership and increased revenues.

In March 2021, Life Time Fitness had 544,216 members, but 12 months later the membership total stood at 673,983. Membership is not cheap either, but it appears that the concept behind these fitness centers has genuine value beyond the cost.

Life Time Fitness offers 3 membership options; digital, standard, and signature, with the latter giving the most benefits, but also being the most costly.

What is Life Time Fitness?

Calling Life Time Fitness a gym or fitness center may not be entirely accurate. Life Time bills its locations as athletic country clubs, and they offer far more than a standard gym does.

Franklin, Tennessee, has been home to a Life Time resort since November 2017. The self-styled Healthy Way of Life brand opened the Franklin athletic club to offer the inhabitants there the same classes and services that over 150 other locations do. The difference between standard gyms and these country clubs could be the number of activities and classes available.

Life Time aims to offer a healthy way of life services as well as state-of-the-art equipment to gym goers. But, what does that mean?

What is a healthy way of life service?

When the new Life Time in Franklin was announced, it also came with the news that it would incorporate a first-of-its-kind LT Proactive Care medical practice together with healthy way of life programs and services.

Complementary and preventative treatments go hand in hand with exercise and fitness. The Ideal Health & Wellness Center in Franklin understands the value of chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise advice, and healthy living. Using chiropractic care can help sports and exercise performance, and it seems its Franklin neighbor, Life Time, follows the same beliefs.

Services offered for a healthier lifestyle include:

  • Rehabilitation and chiropractic care
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition advice
  • Pilates
  • Virtual training
  • Yoga
  • Spa treatments

And a multitude of classes focusing on different aspects of fitness and health. One reason that Life Time has become successful is that it focuses on the health of the whole family and provides activities and classes for children also.

Where is Life Time Fitness in Franklin, Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to two Life Time Fitness Athletic resorts. One is in Collierville, and the other is in Franklin.

The Franklin location is situated in Carothers Parkway and is designed to work around different lifestyles and working hours. The Franklin resort opens at 4 am every weekday and at 6 am at the weekends when presumably you deserve more of a lay-in.

Taking up nearly 175,000 sq ft, and employing around 300 inhabitants of the surrounding area, Life Time Franklin has become something of a destination for local families.

A 50,000 sq ft outdoor aquatic area features water slides, whirlpools, and pools for doing laps as well as just relaxing in. The resort experience is helped by an outdoor bistro and lounge area, as well as 2 basketball courts for those looking to hone their skills.

What can you expect from a visit to Life Time Fitness?

Your typical gym visit might involve a warm-up, stretching, and your usual workout, followed by perhaps a swim or the sauna. Life Time Franklin’s goal seems to be to create a destination, where all aspects of healthy living are catered to.

Healthy living, aging, and entertainment are all part of Life Time’s ethos it appears. An incorporated medical practice brings together a whole-body approach to health with medicine, nutrition, and exercise. While dozens of classes are available for those looking to improve cardio levels, lose weight, or tone up.

Features include:

  • Life Time Kids Academy
  • LifeSpa
  • LifeCafe
  • Ultimate Hoops

The Life Time Kids Academy is designed to help childhood development, while the LifeCafe is there to make sure kids and adults alike eat healthily. All food served at the resort is free from trans fats, artificial colors and flavorings, preservatives, bleached flour, and sweeteners.

Ultimate Hoops has become the biggest recreational basketball league in the US. And aims to assist adults and youngsters improve their game.

Knowing how to use your gym time effectively means getting more value from your membership. This doesn’t just relate to money but to how much your health and fitness improve from your approach also. Personal trainers and advisors are on hand to help any member reach their optimal health and fitness goals.

What is the concept behind Life Time, Franklin TN?

When Life Time arrived in Franklin, it was, and still is, the only luxury athletic resort in the Nashville area. Families are now using it as a part of a healthier lifestyle, and the country club aspect provides social opportunities, as well as yoga and pilates classes.

Part of the concept of Life Time is to help people live healthier, get involved with healthier entertainment and activities, age well, improve mental well-being, and eat better.

It can be tricky to find ways to successfully track nutrition, but Life Time has seen to this too. Nutrition coaching is available, along with supplements, and a 2-week detoxification program.

Registered dieticians, and nutritionists, are used to help members improve their lifestyles and their health. The goal of Life Time Franklin appears to be to see everyone who joins grow and age in the healthiest way possible and reach their optimal fitness levels if they desire.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there are virtual classes available with the digital membership for those not living near a Life Time Fitness Athletic resort.


Franklin appears to have welcomed Life Time Fitness into their area, and it can only be assumed that the health of those who have become members has improved. Although it is possible that many just like to use the spa and outdoor water park.

However, if you are serious about your health, the approach suggested by Life Time has many positives to recommend it. Using chiropractic care with nutritional advice and exercise can lead to improved performance in the gym, on the sports field, and just in daily life.

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