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How Much CBD Should You Take Daily? Learn About Its Optimum Doses

It can be safely said that the demand for CBD products has increased exponentially lately. More people are clamoring to have their first taste of their preferred CBD products. This is understandable because CBD has gotten good coverage by mass media as it emphasizes CBD’s positive benefits on human health.

However, there is one drawback. Since CBD is relatively new, no one has a definite idea about the optimum daily dose of CBD products, yet. Some doctors support the use of CBD but they’re also new to this substance, so their opinion about CBD consumption differs from patient to patient. This means that to avoid overdosing on it, you should be careful if and when you decide to try your first CBD product.

Computing For The Safe Dosage of CBD

There are some common factors among human patients that may influence how much CBD you can safely consume. Here are some of them:

  • Doctor’s recommendation; depending on the illness you consulted your doctor about
  • Your present bodyweight
  • The severity of your illness, if any
  • Your body chemistry
  • The medication you’re currently taking, if any
  • The amount of CBD found in your preferred CBD product

If you’re unsure about how much CBD you ought to take, ask your doctor for a recommendation. Your doctor might recommend a small dose at the start, especially if you’re currently under medication. To avoid any drug reactions, the doctor might also remove that medication while you’re trying out CBD. If you have some habits, like drinking liquor or smoking cigarettes, your doctor may also recommend eliminating liquor or cigarettes to avoid any reactions when you start dosing with CBD.

If you seem to be comfortable being given a small dose of CBD (around 20 mg) at the start, your doctor may permit you to increase the dose in increments until you reach a comfortable range. Be sure to take note of your body’s reaction to the CBD while you keep increasing the dosage so that your doctor will be aware if it’s healing your illness. You may also keep a journal so that the doctor will be appraised of the progression of your CBD treatment.

Optimum Dosage of CBD Products

It’s been recorded that human patients can take up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day without any negative reactions. There are some clinical data available wherein their human patients were given somewhere between 100 mg daily to 800 mg daily. Your individual optimum dosage may be different from that, especially if you’re a large person or are very heavy. Generally, the larger the person, the bigger the daily dosage.

Only by trying out CBD will you learn if you should increase your dosage. Due to concerns about the impact on your liver, your doctor may want to keep your dosage at lower levels. You may also experience some side effects, such as fatigue, fluctuating appetite, and diarrhea. You might observe changes in your body weight, too.

Factors That Influence The Absorption of CBD Doses

Aside from the more obvious factors, like body weight and CBD content of the CBD product, there are other factors to examine when checking for CBD absorption by your body, such as:

  • Type of CBD product: This is important since you don’t initially know what kind of CBD product you’ll need to supply CBD to your body. 

Take note that some products may contain more CBD content than others. Some products are also more readily absorbed than others.

  • Brand name of the CBD product: Some brands are more reputable and reliable than others. The better brands will be more honest about how much CBD their product contains and will clearly display this on the label.
  • Speed of absorption: You may discover that your preferred CBD product may have a different speed of absorption. This is because some products may simply be superior to their competitors and were processed in a way that they can be absorbed better.

Additionally, you should be aware that there are non-edible forms of CBD products, such as topicals, which include creams and salves that are simply wiped on your skin per application. So, if you’re already taking edible forms of CBD products, such as oil, tinctures, and gummies, you may want to factor in the CBD content of the topicals that you plan to use. That way, your doctor knows about the estimated amount of CBD you’ll be using per day.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

As stated above, this depends on many factors. Since CBD consumption is still a new trend, even doctors may confess that they’re not that well-versed in the science behind it. That’s why your doctor may ask you to take a small dose at the start, then gradually increase it until you reach the point that your symptoms become less severe or even disappear. By monitoring your body and consumption religiously, you and your doctor may be able to keep you on a safe dosage schedule.

One potential problem is liver damage. If you take too much CBD, the liver is the organ that would be hit the hardest as it’s the liver’s job to process substances that enter your body. If you want to keep using CBD, you may just start using it as a supplement, which means keeping doses low for a long time. If you keep using it for a long time, watch out for a cumulative effect.

Final Takeaway

When you set out to try CBD for the first time, it’s important to have knowledge about CBD in general and your product, in particular. It’s also vital that you stay patient and not keep dosing in a bid to overpower your symptoms. Take only the dosage you agreed to take when you consulted your doctor. If you have to raise dosage levels or want to dose more often per day, consult your doctor again. 

You should also be cautious before buying any CBD product. This means buying only from reputable CBD merchants so that you won’t develop any health problems caused by impure or bogus CBD products.

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