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How Can Being an Early Bird with a Set Fitness Regime Make You Wealthy?

Are you an early bird or rather a night owl? This one single question typically can help you find out many things about a person, even if they are a complete stranger. And there is no right or wrong answer – people are just different, have unique sleep patterns, and different functioning organisms. Even if you have a completely nocturnal life, that’s completely okay, as long as the lifestyle you choose fits you and your needs.

However, at the same time, being an early bird with a healthy fitness regime or a night owl spending the nights partying has consequences that will affect your life in one way or another, either positively and negatively. And although we’re far from judging any lifestyle you might have, the truth is that being the early bird will make you wealthy and successful in the long-run. To find out how it’s possible, read our article!

Self-Development Mindset

Being an early bird and completing more tasks during the day will make you feel more fulfilled and motivated throughout the whole day. This sense of satisfaction and setting your mind on self-development will consequently boost your confidence. 

There are many other ways to focus your brain on self-development which you can use. For example, you can start using mindfulness techniques or visiting self-development websites such as Wealthy Gorilla. However, waking up early is one of the greatest ways to go about it.

Morning Routine

Getting up early in the morning is inevitably connected to having more free time during the day. At the same time, people who do their work out first thing in the morning can focus more. After they are done working out, they can get to work on an important project or come up with a new idea regarding their work responsibilities quickly and efficiently. 

It is undeniable that getting to the gym early in the day allows people to gain more energy during the day, which helps them fulfill their responsibilities. Also, a person working out in the morning is more likely to have an uninterrupted night’s rest.

Early starting time also gives you a chance to have a healthy and well-organized lunch. It is well known that no matter how healthy a certain dish is if it turns into your lunch at about 2 PM instead of around 12:30, it may become very hard to digest, especially if you eat it right after your training session. 

Getting up late in the morning also means that time usually becomes very precious and devoted only to your most important tasks, such as rushing to work without time for proper meal prep. Thus, taking your lunch at noon is not just about eating earlier – it gives you the ability to prepare a properly balanced meal for your lunch break. 

Better Task Management

As an early bird, you have the opportunity to plan your tasks the night before and start off the day productively and with a plan. That way, you will avoid chaos during your workday and will be able to complete more tasks in an efficient way. But remember to ensure work-life balance and spend some time relaxing during the day. 

On top of that, thanks to the fact that our subconscious mind is responsible for motivating ourselves to take action to achieve our goals, waking up early can give us enough time to visualize what we want to accomplish for the day and get inspired. And once we have such thoughts in mind, it becomes easier to get started on what we need to do for that day.

It may be difficult at first, but like anything else we practice for a long period of time, it will become a habit and eventually lead us to success.

Better Digestion

Although there are no scientific findings to support it, there is some anecdotal evidence that waking up early in the morning will make you feel more energized and improve your digestion. Because of that, you will feel better during the day and avoid feeling bloated.

Early Belly Burner

A series of hormones is released in our body when we wake up. And although some people claim that those hormones affect the fat burning process in some positive way, it’s still in the process of being proven by scientists. 

One of those hormones is cortisol. Getting up early in the morning stimulates this hormone, and consequently, helps you burn belly fat faster. Don’t worry, you won’t be suddenly turning into Shaq overnight – the changes will be gradual and consistent! However, keep in mind that if you are used to getting up late in the morning, it might require a few months for this to happen.

If you struggle to train in the morning, an effective pre-workout can help!

The Bottom Line 

People say that getting up early is one of the common characteristics of all the wealthiest people, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Wealth will not just come to you overnight. Contrary to what people say, you won’t be able to get rich on passive income only.

You need to put a lot of time and effort into growing your fortune and into your capacity to make money. One of the simplest and most straightforward ways in which you can achieve this is by waking up earlier than everybody else. 

Getting an early start to the day is going to allow you to complete your tasks much more efficiently, leaving you with the time to pursue side projects. Thanks to that, you will be able to work on becoming the best version of yourself and lead a happy and fulfilling life!

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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