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5 Ways to Exercise at the Office

It’s been a long day at the office. You’re tired and disgruntled from the working day. You’re hungry, nursing an aching back and have absolutely no desire whatsoever to exercise. Why would you want to spend any more of your spare time self inflicting further back ache and tiring yourself out even more?

Have you thought about exercising while at work?

It may sound like something you’ve never even contemplated, or even thought existed, but you can buy office exercise equipment online and have it delivered to your office to use during work hours.

We all know how hard it is to maintain a structured exercise routine, especially when you work full time. But when you work out at the office, you’re getting in needed exercise before the evening exhaustion hits.

These desk exercises are specially designed to keep you fit and healthy, even if you have to sit in front of a desk all day long. There are many choices when it comes to desk exercise equipment, but here are just five options we’ve handpicked that will change your mind about working out from 9-5.

1. Posture improvement stool

It does what it says on the tin, but it also works those core muscles that might get a bit neglected from the endless snacks consumed throughout the working day. Similar to sitting on an exercise ball, the posture improvement stool forces you to maintain your balance and works the leg and core muscles. You’ll also walk away with elegant posture!

2. Stability cushion

The stability cushion works wonders for muscle strengthening. They also relieve that dreaded back pain, shoulder ache and joint stabilization.

The idea of the stability cushion is to improve your co-ordination, balance, flexibility, and posture; practically yoga at your desk, right? Not to forget that sitting on one all day works your core to the max.

3. Ankle weights

Ankle weights are the most versatile of all exercise equipment. You can take them anywhere. They are a perfect workout if you can’t access a gym but you’re wanting to target muscles that grow weak.

You can change the weight depending on how hard you want to work, or you can even swap them to your wrists if you fancy a little bicep workout!

4. Hank exercise balls

Are you someone that stresses at work? Then hand exercise balls were made for you. While strengthening the wrists and arms, they can also help you reduce stress, therefore boosting your mental health and making your work space a more positive place. They’re also great for injury relief and are extremely durable.

5. Mini exercise bike or desk bike

This is the most efficient way to work and boost fitness results while at your desk. You will really burn calories with these exercise bikes without even knowing it! Allowing you to keep active while being seated all day in an office chair, a mini exercise bike gives you absolutely zero excuses not to exercise!

They’re also extremely quiet so as not to disturb yourself and other co workers, and can also be used as an arm workout too. Simply place the bike on your desk and work the pedals with your arms.

You can choose the intensity of your workout like any regular exercise bike and modify your settings as you see fit. Your model should also come with its own digital monitor, displaying items such as speed, distance and calories.

Why Not Give These a Try?

So, now you know that you can pack your exercise routine and work schedule into one, why not try to incorporate an exercise ball or desk bike into your office set up? You just might get hooked.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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