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4 Steps to Launching Your Home Gym

Do you want to work out more but can’t find time with your busy lifestyle? Is going to the gym too out of the way for you? Then, you might want to think of working out at home! 

If you already have a home gym, or if you’re thinking of making one to become more active, then read along for four ways you can improve your own workout space.

There are so many reasons not to work out, but this article is about to squash some of those excuses.

1. Create a Space For Your Gym

It might seem obvious – of course, a dedicated room is necessary to set up a home gym! But what if your home is itty bitty? What if you’re co-living? Even if it is in your bedroom, you can designate a space that you can call your home gym! If all you have is the corner of your bed, that’ll do just fine! 

The point of having a gym at home is to whittle down one less excuse to jump into your practice. 

So, first and foremost, create a space in your home where you can get your mind into your practice. 

Start by looking at your workout clothes: what’s your style? Are you into a slow and powerful grind? A quick squeeze? A high-pressure pump with your favorite music? 

Choose a space for your home gym that accommodates your rhythm – whether it’s an open floor plan for your exercise rail system and a dance routine or just a corner for some curls.

2. Set the Right Mood

Set the mood in your home gym to get you in the mood by focusing on sound, airflow, and lighting.

Depending on how you work out, consider opening the windows or closing the shades and turning on the fan. A heater fits the bill here, too, if you’re looking for a great sweat! 

If loud music makes you super energized, then definitely close those windows and prepare yourself for a sweaty ride.

3. Follow Your Inspiration

We all need help getting creative.

That’s why it’s okay to look for inspiration from influencers or your workout idols to see where they workout. 

For example, if you see someone you admire working out in a place with a lot of sunlight, touch up your home space by adding some plants and a fan, by opening a window, or even move your mat to the porch!

4. Tune Your Equipment

Buying new equipment for your home gym may help you get into the groove quickly, but there are plenty of equipment options for the minimalist. You can upgrade old training equipment by purchasing new on sale or use household items on hand as substitutes. 

Whether you choose to buy a full set of dumbbells or train with a jug of water, it’s up to you. 

Here are three basics our home trainers recommend for any home gym:

  • Mat – a mat fits in the smallest of spaces. Roll yours out beside your bed to literally roll out onto first thing in the morning.
  • Strengthening bands – elastic strength training bands fit nearly anywhere. Set up a training wall and anchor various levels of different band strengths for a whole-body workout, or close one over the back of your laundry room door for unstoppable sweat.
  • Big mirror – looks make a difference in your motivation.

Now, Go Work Out!

Incorporate more activity in your life and squash the “but’s” by turning a room or a corner of your home into a workout-ready home gym.By following these four simple steps, you’ll have your home gym full of sweat before you can cancel your gym member

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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