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The Fit for Life Retreat – It’s Coming Back!

A Fitness Holiday Done The Right Way…

Those of you who have followed my fitness blog for a while will know that every year I host a health and fitness retreat in Fuerteventura on the Canary Isles.

It’s called the Fit for Life Retreat and it’s the best health and fitness retreat on the market (in my humble and correct opinion).

The next Fit for Life retreat is coming up – and it’s IMPROVED!

The dates for the next Fit for Life retreat are October 7th-14th, 2017.

The Fit for Life retreat is an all-in, multi-discipline week of exercise, healthy food and relaxation. Accommodation is at fantastic private villa. Great food is served every day and a wide variety of fitness activities are delivered daily.

It’s a health and fitness holiday done the right way.

What’s the right way to do a fitness retreat?

Health and fitness should be varied. It should be a mixture of strength work, cardio and recovery work. It should have the activities and the group at the front and centre of the thinking. When you’re not exercising, you should have the option to do as you please – to relax in any way you want to.

My preferred option is the beach, of which there are hundreds…

fit for life retreat

It should be low pressure – join the classes if you want to, relax by the pool if you’d prefer. It’s your holiday.

When you’re here you won’t have to do anything. Your food is cooked for you by the on-site chefs. Here’s an example of the typical breakfast…

fit for life retreat

The HIIT, Yoga and Pilates classes are held on site. For the activities that aren’t on site (gym/surfing/stand up paddle boarding) you’re transported to the location.

Exercise aside, you won’t have to lift a finger! You’re on holiday, remember?!

So what kind of exercise will I do? What do I get for my money?

On the Fit for Life Retreat, we can boast a variety of exercise that most can only dream of. Here’s the activity list for the week…

  • Strength Training x 2 Sessions (in a private, fully-fitted gym).
  • HIIT x 4 Classes (On site in the studio)
  • Yoga x 5 Classes (On site in the studio)
  • Pilates x 2 Classes (On site in the studio)
  • Mountain Biking x 1 Day (Bikes brought to us, ride is around 30km)
  • Hiking x 1 (Up a local volcano)
  • Surfing x 1 Day (Full lesson – all equipment provided)
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) x 1 Day (Full lesson – all equipment provided)
  • Massage x 1hr (Massage delivered on site. Extra treatments available).
  • 7 Breakfasts and 5 evening meals (Fresh, organic, low-dairy, gluten and no processed sugar).

fit for life retreat fit for life retreat

So what’s different about the Fit for Life retreat this time?

We’ve had an upgrade! The retreat was always held in a villa – a great villa, but now we’ve been moved into the main Azul Fit accommodation known as the ‘Surya Retreat’.

Nicer rooms, a hot tub on site, better studio etc.

We’ve also juggled the timetable. Previously we couldn’t partner with a reputable SUP school – we’ve now got a partner in the area and will take the group on a fully-instructed and supervised Stand-Up Paddledboarding day.

Prices start at €875, which includes all of your activities, equipment and food!

Additionally, the retreat dates (7th-14th October) are out of the school holidays so flights are significantly cheaper than during the holidays – another bonus!

Here’s the info page…

Fit for Life Retreat

We’re busy working on the timetable and how the week will look, but it’s shaping up to be another great one.

If you’d like to register interest, contact Gary on

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