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Challenge Yourself and Feel Refreshed with Water Fitness

Beat the summer heat and shift your sweaty dryland workout to a refreshing and invigorating workout with water fitness.

There’s no doubt that exercising energizes the body, reduces stress, and boosts mood. Imagine submerging yourself in cool water as you burn off calories! In this article, we will uncover the wonders of water fitness and the perks you’ll get when you get started.

What is Water Fitness?

Water fitness, also known as aqua fitness or aquatic fitness, involves workout activities performed in the water in a pool environment. With water’s unique properties, it provides an environment where you can do a well-balanced workout that improves the major components of physical fitness – body composition, cardio health, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Water is a great low-impact workout. How?

Buoyancy. Floating in water reduces impact and removes most of your body weight, making it easy on the joints as you exercise against water resistance.

Temperature. Water’s warmth can help relax your muscles and may reduce pain.

Viscosity. Water is denser than air. This creates an added resistance as you move.

Turbulence. The ever-changing flow of water creates resistance on all sides.

Hydrostatic pressure. This is the pressure on the body when you submerge yourself in water. It helps improve blood circulation to and from the heart.

Benefits of Water Fitness

There’s more you can do than just splashing and chilling around in your pool. Here are the perks you will get from water fitness:

1. It burns more calories than working out on dry land.

2. It supports cardiovascular health.

3. It is gentle to the joints.

4. It tones the muscle and builds muscle mass.

5. It improves flexibility.

6. It improves balance and workout posture.

7. It makes exercising more challenging with water resistance.

8. It reduces stress and promotes better sleep.

9. It provides a cooling effect that helps prevent overheating while working out.

10. It strengthens one of the largest muscle groups to improve balance, posture, and


Full Body Training with Water Fitness

Water provides resistance in all directions of your movement. For instance, when you run in the water, your legs must move against the resistance in all directions. Moving through the water is an effective workout to build strength and improve endurance.

Aquatic exercises offer the unique benefit of reducing gravity from the typical fitness equation.That way, you boost your energy levels without adding a heavy load on your muscles and joints. To reap all the benefits of water fitness, do it using a variety of water fitness equipment. Working out with water’s buoyancy supports the body by reducing the risk of joint, muscle, and bone injury as you exercise against water resistance.

Challenge Yourself with Water Fitness

As you age, it is essential that you have to keep your body in its best shape. Starting a water fitness routine can be an excellent way of staying fit and healthy, and safe. Exercising underwater provides you with a very challenging workout, minus muscle soreness and damage to the body.

With water fitness, you will get a relaxing experience that guarantees results! To make your water fitness journey more enjoyable, you can opt to try it with equipment like Hydrorider AquaBikes, Hydrorider Aqua Treadmills, or a Hydrorider Diamond Aqua Trampoline. And, for an additional load for your limbs, you can use the RiderBand an Aqua resistance bands, weight belts, and dumbbells.

Note that water resistance is much more natural in comparison to the resistance you get through weights. Water resistance requires you to push through the water, as opposed to working against it.

If you are searching for a good workout with the natural force of nature, water fitness is the solution! In a standard high-impact gym workout, there will be days that you will get your joints strained. In running, your legs absorb the shock, and it can cause a negative impact on your health in the long run. Unlike water fitness, the buoyancy of the water takes this strain off and minimizes the shock. Water lessens gravity and reduces the burden on your body.

As you explore different underwater workouts, you will later realize that you have achieved such a challenge in ways you never thought would happen.

Take away

Accepting the challenges of exercising in water is more rewarding and refreshing than just doing it on-land.

Whether you are a beginner or athlete, water fitness is an excellent low-impact exercise that will get your heart pumping, tone, and strengthen your body to a whole new level. With water exercise, you can maintain fitness and endurance in transition periods or even during recovery from an injury.

For more information about Water Fitness, Water Resist who specialise in fitness on the sunshine coast are leading the way and worth checking out. If you are not near the Sunshine Coast and you would like to bring water fitness to a location near you contact Water Resist for further details on their equipment and training options.

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