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5 Important Boxing Tips for Beginners

Boxing is an intense and incredible sport that asks a lot of its athletes. So whether you’ve never landed a punch in your life, or you used to box, and you want to get back into it: there are some rules that everyone has to follow.

These are the five most important boxing tips for beginners, which should be followed to succeed.

Keep Your Weight Evenly Distributed

Keeping your weight evenly distributed between your feet matters for tons of reasons.  The most important is that it ensures you won’t be knocked down to the ground and made to lose your balance.  Another vital one is that it allows you to move faster and make steps or combinations otherwise impossible.

It can take time to practice not leaning one way or the other, but evenly distributed weight is the best way to stay standing and ready to land blows.

Never Stop Practicing Your Form

Whether you’ve been boxing for two years or twenty: pay attention to your form.  The wrong boxing stance can leave you with a broken rib while correcting it can make you untouchable and give you the chance to get in some great hits on your opponent.  

Shadowboxing is a fantastic way to view your form without having to think about landing punches.  This method encourages you to see patterns and learn what works for your body and what doesn’t.

Your Diet Matters

What you put into your body matters.  You can’t drink a six-pack of beers twice a week and expect to be able to win every fight you’re faced with.  Instead, try to eat healthier whole foods, complex protein and get in a lot of water.  Water helps your body heal, keeps you hydrated, and allows your body to remain flexible and mobile.  Although you can box after eating fast food, it’s not the best fuel for your body.

Getting In Stretches Is Vital

Your body has to be flexible.  This will allow you to let punches roll off of you, help you spring back after a blow, and encourage your joints to stay in place and healthy.  Spend ten to thirty minutes stretching before and after you practice, and try to build upon how much mobility you have.  If you notice an issue, keep working on it until you’ve achieved the results you want.

Listen To Your Body

If you’re practicing and you land a punch that hurts your wrist or shoulder, check out the wound before you try to land that same punch again.  Although we all work on perfecting our form, we think we know our bodies if you accidentally break your wrist without realizing it, you could be out of boxing for months.  

Pay attention to any aching or new pains your body senses while you’re boxing. Of course, it can feel embarrassing to treat yourself carefully in a sometimes violent sport like this, but it’s better than making a major mistake.

Boxing asks a lot of your body, so take the time to do what feels right and reward it for its hard work.

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Owner of Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

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